drone flight for commercial drone services

The popularity of drones has seen a huge upsurge during the last two years. There are a number of reasons why more and more companies are making use of commercial drone services, which include:

1) Commercial Drone Services make Land Surveys Easy

drone land survey

Until quite recently, the process of carrying out a land survey was complicated and expensive. The arrival of drone technology eliminats the need for purchasing or renting large, expensive equipment and hiring workers to go into uncharted territory. With drones, the entire process becomes much more cost-effective.

The amount of details that a drone can provide for the most inaccessible pieces of land is more than what any grounded worker can manage. With the help of drones, contractors are able to make accurate estimates about the condition of the land before construction.

2) Better Visualization Capabilities

A drone’s use does not end with carrying out the survey. The information that is collected can then be used to create 3D models and renderings which provide a highly accurate picture of what the finished building will look like. Potential clients can use these models to better visualize what the then-barren piece of land will look like once the construction is done.

3) Recording Progress

You don’t need to go daily to the construction site to make sure the work is being done according to the schedule if you have a drone handy. You can make use of the internet to control the drone from across vast distances. This means making use of drone services gives you a mechanical helper which never needs to rest, can fly, and provide you with a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the entire proceedings at the construction site.

4) Inspecting Safety Issues

A construction site can be dangerous place to work at, full of unsecured pillars and loose floors and walls. In the past, the job of inspecting such areas fell to human workers who had to put on extensive safety gear before venturing into such dangerous areas. Nowadays, drone services include flying to such areas and making a full record of the location’s condition and level of danger.

5) More Data

With drones, surveys and inspections can be carried out more frequently than ever. This means the construction company gets a steady stream of data relating to the soundness of the structure and its surroundings, and ample warning in case of any possible dangers to the project.