aerial drone commercial construction site

In construction projects, lots of stamina, legwork, and missed details are common challenges that delay projects and exhaust resources. With the current technological advancements, project managers can stay on top of their current project load by using drones to map and document job sites. The technology makes construction work faster, more efficient, and more accurate than ever before.

Most of the advanced projects are now managed using drones, right from surveying, to site monitoring, to report generation and inspection. It is projected that drones could soon become a mainstream technology for all construction projects.

Surveying with Drones

Using a drone can highly minimize the time you spend collecting accurate data. The technology acquires accurate data from the sky using geo-referenced digital images with clear resolutions of up to 0.5cm per pixel. Within one short flight, you can collect millions of data parameters and build a comprehensive map.

Showing Clients the Project Progress

When clients are located away from the construction site, you can use drones to collect and share real-time 3-D pictures of the construction progress.

Monitoring Job Sites

Monitoring multiple construction sites has become easier with drones. That includes monitoring safety standards, work progress, structure stability, etc.

Professional aerial inspection and surveying companies use drones to generate highly accurate topographic data with top-notch resolution ortho-imagery and photography. This helps the project manager to make informed decisions, reduce costs, improve safety, and save time.